To all our wonderful clients:

We'd like to take a moment of your time to thank all of you for such wonderful support over the years. It has truly been a great honor to serve each and every one of you. As many of you are now aware we will be closing our offices in Hobbs today, October 31, 2013. After nearly 13 years CDR Services, Inc. will be shutting down. This isn't the end for us though but rather a transition to something else. Stan, Disa and Chris have had great successes over the years along with some failures. We've all learned from our mistakes and in doing so we've met great people and great friends. Along the way we hope you feel like you've had access to some of the best IT services in the area. Now we are taking new paths forward separately to explore what the future holds for each of us.

What does that mean for you, our clients? We want to make this as seamless a transition as possible for you. Chris Rounds, our CEO, has been operating in Midland for the past few years and his company Legion 10 Elite Tech Support ( Legion 10will be picking up much of what CDR will be leaving behind. All services previously being provided under CDR Services, Inc. will continue under this new company to insure we at CDR have fulfilled all of our commitments to our clients in Lea County. So here is what to expect as we move forward with shutting down CDR Services, Inc.:

- All maintenance and service contracts under CDR will be transferred to Legion 10 on November 1, 2013. Legion 10 will honor all contracts made with CDR thru the end of their term by providing the same services from Midland.

- Your bill will change. All contracts and services rendered after November 1st will be billed under Legion 10 LP out of our Midland office rather than from CDR Services, Inc. as we will be transferring them all to the new company.

- All client data and information will be kept confidential and safe. Should you wish to have any information returned or are concerned about any network security issues please let us know.

- You will still see Chay and Chris coming to Hobbs and the rest of Lea County several times a week to insure the service levels you have come to know do not decrease to an unacceptable level.

- All hosting and email services will continue to operate and be hosted from our Hobbs office until they are reasonably transferred to Legion 10 facilities in Midland.

- We expect this transition to have no significant change in our service levels or your expectations of service. Although CDR Services, Inc will not have an office open in Lea County any longer we will continue to support all of our clients remotely as needed and will schedule on-site services at your offices as we continue to serve Lea County.

We understand this may cause some ripples but we thank you for all of your support over the years. We hope you will find that as we close CDR Services down to make way for a new future you will join us and keep in touch with all of us as we continue to move forward. Should you have any questions or concerns please let us know at 575-391-7768, or


Chris Rounds
CDR Services, Inc.